Importing A VCard To Your Android Phone

Do you need to copy your phone contacts from a memory card onto an Android smartphone? Look no further these step by step instructions will guide you through the process of importing those contacts from your SD card using to your Android device.

Before we begin

This article desc...

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Porn Android App That Will Hold You Ransom

So according to BBC, there is an android pornographic application which apparently holds the user, basically the phone owner at ransom. It simply works like this: as the user marvels him/herself with the nude cojtent it provides, the application simply takes photos of the user using the front fac...

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Google to Remove Revenge Porn

Revenge porn is a category of pornography which is distributed without the concent of the people involved. Images and other media which fall under this category are mostly distributed maliciously by ex-lovers in a bid to 'get back'at their exes; and in most cases the victims are usually w...

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Google To Prioritize Mobile Friendly Websites

Starting today, Google will begin to boost the ranking of mobile-friendly websites on mobile search results. Effective immediately in all languages globally, this change is to help promote mobile-friendliness throughout the web and to make it easier for users to view websites that are well-suited fo...

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